Description: This is a very romantic and melodious pop ambient short background Enigma Chill Lounge music Logo (30 sec) with tender synth solo, relaxed sounds of the sea and somnolent electronic drums…It can be used anywhere – as a background relaxing music for websites, movies, weather news, films, TV and radio production, telecasts, about nature, space, earth, children, family etc

Description: This piece captures several moods: anticipation, suspense and adventure. Presentations requiring a Mission Impossible feel may work well with this piece. It has a walking rhythm which makes it useful for steady-paced presentations.

Description: Slow and touching solo piano plays a descending melody.

Description: Gentle and warm piano and orchestra, spot.

Description: Alternate version of ww800214, a little lighter with flute melody.

Description: Warm and thoughtful spot with piano and strings.

Description: Light industrial spot with modern instruments and an upbeat feeling.

Description: Grand and spacious orchestral theme.

Description: Light and warm, hometown people spot with piano and orchestra.

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