Description: Starting with deep notes, like a UFO approaching, with emotional undertones, lifting you and taking you on a journey into space, leaving Earth behind...

Description: It is an environment project, divided into parts, are two tracks part A and part B ... immersed in a magical portal, ambient music, pad, giving shine, love, calm, relaxing, sounds of the sea, natural, space, healing music ... It is a project That I created in 2008 ... so much love ambient music sounds you traportano in other dimensions, for a moment could happen to leave this life ... in the future I will be working on so many projects like this ..

Description: Ambient floating composition, stirring spiritual and deep space thoughts.

Description: Broke8ball ॐ - Patch.mp3

Description: A great rhythmic song featuring Japanese Taiko and Sanshin recorded in Japan in 2000.

Description: Oneness with all, a deep connection with life. Floating composition, deep space. Timeless.

Description: Drifting through and distant space, lost in the void until an encounter with something within.

Description: Hoffman offers a wonderous and beautiful tune that is perfect for meditation as well as yoga and relaxation. It's exotic nature is very soothing