Description: This song has a driving, positive, heroic feel, with a feeling of accomplishment or achievement.

Description: This is a very simple, light and breezy ethereal ambient composition that is designed to act as background music for just about any application.

Description: 60 second loop that is light, breezy, and pretty with a positive, unassuming feel. The acoustic guitar keeps it down to earth while in contrast the electric piano is bell-like and ethereal

Description: Grand and spacious orchestral theme.

Description: Light and warm, hometown people spot with piano and orchestra.

Description: Positive and determined piano and orchestra theme with rhythm section.

Description: Light and warm spot with piano and orchestra.

Description: Big, glitzy orchestra theme in overblown Hollywood fashon.

Description: One minute background bed suitable for advertising where there is a strong global element featuring a question and answer motif with classical piano and swaying synth creates spacious sweeping atmosphere.

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