Description: Atmospheric ambient track with sweeping synths

Description: A slow and romantic sitar track with beautiful melodies and light hand percussion.

Description: This track has a tender, slightly nostalgic feeling. Thin sounding and pulsing processed guitar raises memories about childhood, family, first love.

Description: Ambient reflective background music for movie and television scenes from science fiction, police drama, suspense, medical drama, military etc. Dynamic synth chording and light sparse melody flow smoothly through its simple minimal harmonies. Instrumental, Electronic Music, Drone music

Description: Night surf beach! Alone, the sounds of the piano and soft drums you might think! Perfect solution for the background

Description: Low fat deep bass sounds with organic synthesizer pulses throughout.

Description: Evocative ambient track with skeletal guitar, gentle piano melodies and sweeping synth washes

Description: Ambient funk. Trumpets. Film/TV/Video.

Description: solo piano with slight middle eastern feel.

Description: Beautiful positive chill out track, on the chill step side, with lots of bubbly synths, strings, pads, glitched percussion and dubstep drums. Excellent for presentations and various projects. Check my portfolio for more tracks like this one