Description: This jazzy and playful tune is overflowing with a sense of satisfaction and joy. The rhythmic horns along with the drums provide energy while the organ melody adds lightheartedness to the music. The bluesy feel is mainly a result of the instrumentation.

Description: Ideal for a Halloween theme, this piece would work well for presentations intended to evoke feelings of fear, mystery and the occult. It can also create a humorous effect if used with the right visuals.

Description: This piece is ideal as background, atmospheric music for presentations which focus on the visual or textual message and which leave the viewer to come to a decision without any outside influence. The music has a strong beat and may help in driving any pre.

Description: This piece captures several moods: anticipation, suspense and adventure. Presentations requiring a Mission Impossible feel may work well with this piece. It has a walking rhythm which makes it useful for steady-paced presentations.

Description: The mood is mysterious, carefree and sensual making it an ideal companion for images with a lot of contrast. There is also a hint of an unsettled feeling and anticipation, like the quiet before the storm. Use this piece in presentations that play upon the.

Description: This sound conjures up a foggy winter day with obscure figures passing through a veil of mist. The piano provides an ethereal, almost jazzy feel to the sound while the synth gives it a mysterious flavor. The drums add a bit of sensuality to the tune. Use.

Description: This suspenseful track is a master of moods. Various elements come together to form a cohesive sound. With a plethora of instrument parts, the flexibility of this track is unmatched. A slight change in the arrangement can yield dramatic results.

Description: Simple, content and childlike.

Description: Short melodic signature on French horn, with synth rhythm.

Description: Sparkling synth bells descend into oboe signature.