Description: A quick sparkling sting on synth and piano.

Description: Shimmering synth effect.

Description: Optimistic opening logo sound for any of your projects. Great for animated logos and idents.

Description: etheral, celestial, strange, another world, japan,

Description: A great Motown R&B track with amazing horn performances and groovy drums.

Description: Technological Futuristic Atmospheric Mysterious Determined

Description: This pensive and somewhat melancholy piece is ideal for use in a slow-moving graphical environment such as images or pictures slowly appearing and fading out. The music tells a story and supports the images and is meant to focus the viewer, probably on mo.

Description: Romantic and calm in nature, this piece may work well with slow animation intended for a particular effect. Special lighting effects or natural settings (fog, mist, etc) would work well with this piece. The melody tells a story.

Description: The character of this piece is contrast, created by the alternating major and minor sections. Images of rain or water or people sitting by a campfire come to mind when listening to this piece. It is also calm in nature which works well for presentations i.

Description: Drift away to some remote place in the sun with the cool riffs in this SoundSet. The horns and piano, along with the sensual, rhythmic beat, transport the listener to another world. This tune would work well with slow-motion animation or an international.