Description: A short, spacey effect on synthesizer.

Description: Same as ww900122, but ascending.

Description: Several hard, effect.

Description: general, Cymbal Transition.

Description: "A simple and short audio logo for any personal or business use. This track works well as an audio logo for games, apps, videos, films, or commercials! It is also great for any YouTube video intro/outro, business projects, or audio indent.

Description: A short piano logo reveal tha fits nice with your short logo intro.

Description: romantic, reflection, melancholy

Description: pop, fun energy, uplifting, motivational, retro, motown drums, brass, organ

Description: fun, comedic, light orchestral, clarinet melody, strings, upbeat, circus, swirly, xylophone, kalimba, pizzicato

Description: This piece gives the impression of motion, of moving into a tunnel or time warp, possibly to visit the past. The piano components evoke memories. This SoundSet works well with presentations that need to touch on the emotions, possibly on the more meaningf.