Description: Atmospheric and minimalistic piano melody expands later into a nice chill out tune with synth sequences, beat and arpeggios.

Description: Buddhist monks chanting Om in the key of C with sparse Tibet and transcendental bells in the misty distance. A music audio therapy for yoga activities or just relax and travel to a cloud veiled mountain monastary and escape to cleanse the soul and mind of stress.

Description: beautiful ambient soundscape track rich in synth, strings, choir and horns. exactly 60 seconds.

Description: Warm and friendly spot with hometown feeling, piano and orchestra.

Description: Ambient, Rythmn Groove, Bounce, Dance, Industrial, Techno Pop, Trance, Guitar

Description: Dark and tense opening chords into rhythm, gradually becoming more positive.

Description: Orchestral Classical Spot Medium Up-tempo Quick Fast Romantic Human Positive Building Confident Strong Strength Elegant Elegance Humorous Funny Passionate Horns French horn Strings Percussion Timpani Cymbal Orchestra Action Interlude Background Passion Romance Travelling Moving Industry Advertizing Business Period.

Description: Dark and frightening open into positive theme.

Description: Warm, hometown feeling with woodwinds and orchestra.

Description: Slow and majestic spot with a large, string.

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