Description: Calm background track suitable for travel or advertising purposes. Suggests introduction to a new setting.

Description: Gentle, atmospheric piano based background piece, with hypnotic harp phrases suggesting calm waterside ambience.

Description: Errie and spaceous soundscape. Ideal for horror/suspense film.

Description: piano, strings, relaxing forest sounds like water and thunder.

Description: ambient/chillout track with a selection of acoustic and electronic elements. a cool vibe.

Description: sound scape of warm synthesizer sounds.

Description: Opening with haunting solo piano, the piece builds when rhythmic and ambient keyboards are added. This music will work well in a drama or romance film.

Description: Warm and thoughtful spot with piano and strings.

Description: wistful, elegant ambient / electronica crossover track with a subtle hint of acoustic guitar. echoes and soft pads.

Description: Light and warm, hometown people spot with piano and orchestra.