Description: Cinema, Documentary, Ethnic, Ethnic-Africa, Synchopated, Staccato, Percussive, Adventure, Beautiful, Carefree, Wordly, Traveling, Peaceful, Pastoral, Panoramic, Nature, Light, in a Exciting, Adventurous mood, featuring Percussion, Drums, Shaker, Marimba, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Isolation and at the mercy of the sea.

Description: Ambient instrumental bed with synth, piano - Aquatic feel :: calm, discovery, dreamy, emotional, ethereal, inspirational, light, magical, mystical, nature, peaceful, playful, reflective, relaxed, romantic, smooth, soft, uplifting, instrumental, relaxation, aquatic, ambient, series, film, reality, water, score, theme, commercial

Description: a light but sombre piano track which is complimented by soft rich strings. creates an dream-like atmosphere.

Description: A background music piece which conveys a traditional or medieval time period with some modern elements to it. The music sort of takes the backseat which is perfect for voice overs, action sequences, dialogue etc...

Description: A short guitar duet, acoustic and electric moving through a simple hopeful melody, evoking a feeling of... "I know times are tough but I know I can make it"... a sense of anticipation that something good can happen. Great for those Phoenix Rising type documentary stories...

Description: Quiet, moody, electric, guitar, stark, noir, introverted, thoughtful, slow, expressive, legato, pensive, emotional, smooth, flowing, introspective, lonely,

Description: Instrumental ambient down tempo electronic

Description: Similar to Coldplay's cinematic sounding songs such as Fix You, Paradise & Clocks, this is energizing, positive & inspiring high quality crafted pop rock. It works beautifully in commercials, infomercials, TV & movies. Stylish & uplifting, conveying positivity & innovation, confidence & happiness. Instrumental, Dramatic Music.