Description: This is a positive ambient electronic track with orchestral elements featuring electric guitar and piano, synth leads and atmospheric pads, catchy drums, bass and amazing orchestral strings. Great for various projects.

Description: Gentle and warm piano and orchestra, spot.

Description: Background ambient track with a trance touch

Description: Beautiful futuristic ambient chillout track, very melodic yet powerful and emotional with electronic piano, rhodes, lotsa synths, arpeggios and ballad drums. Excellent for presentations, movies, documentaries, web and of course listening. Relax... and dream...and don't forget to rate it.

Description: a long and luxurious soundscape perfect for background music in any setting.

Description: “Orianne” is a Soft and relaxing with track existential layers, floating elements, lush atmospheric pads,Easy listening piano music, very creative and calm. Beautiful acoustic sound with a spacey sensation. Serene soft, sensitive piano music.

Description: Inspirational ambient piece with piano, cool beat and sweeping synth pads

Description: Ambient underscore with organic textures