Description: track that enhances cold, icy environment.

Description: acoustic 12 strings with harmonics and relaxing tones.

Description: atmospheric, creepy, eerie, otherworldly soundscape using distorted, sustained synthesized sounds.

Description: spacious theme with delicate electric guitar melody.

Description: this is the song i wish i could wake up to every morning. makes me feel i am at home...

Description: This piece captures several moods: anticipation, suspense and adventure. Presentations requiring a Mission Impossible feel may work well with this piece. It has a walking rhythm which makes it useful for steady-paced presentations.

Description: Ancient in spirit, this tune rises slowly from the primordial mist and dances in rhythmic motion on sacred ground. The sound is melancholic but yet contains a powerful, sensual, and eternal force. This music would go well with themes of human devastation,.