Description: Atmospheric, quiet track using synthesized mute guitar, bright electronic sounds and cosmic effects. Suitable for relaxation, video about space, lounge and many other your projects.

Description: A colorful and spatial soundtrack background, for video , autumn pictures, weddings, slideshow.

Description: A minimalistic atmospheric track using bells, arpeggios, pianos and a deep rhythm section for documentary, TV, background music, presentations, radio, marketing, business, promotions and many other projects.

Description: Meditation track using the sounds of bowls of wind chimes. These rhythmic chimes cause a sense of rest after working days and an excellent choice for relaxation, sleep and other soothing projects.

Description: Atmospheric ambient track using short synthesized sounds, glitch and electronic rhythm section for infographics, slideshows, presentations and other projects.

Description: This is a warm lounge track with pianos, sharp electronic arpeggio sounds, an air synth pad and a deep rhythm section. A great choice for travel, science, science fiction, advertising, Youtube, presentations and many other your TV, video projects.

Description: A strange, ambient track, perfect for cinematic productions. Somewhat sad, somewhat nostalgic, somewhat hopeful. Very hard to describe. afterlife, ambient, ambient texture, background, calm, contemplative, death, discovery, dreamy, funeral, haunting, hopeful, hypnotic, inspirational, life after death, meditative, mellow, nostalgia, nostalgic, peaceful, positive, reflective, searching, sentimental, serene, sincere, slow, tranquil, uplifting

Description: Soothing and atmospheric ambient track with warm pad and airy strings. Perfect for commercials, documentaries, movie background and other relaxing projects!

Description: dramatic, cinematic and intense song created for videos, films, blockbusters, serials, documentaries, movie trailers, etc. It`s created with futuristic melodies and dramatic rhythm

Description: Dark Industrial Suspense is a dark industrial music track great for video games and video projects about cyborgs, zombies, unearthly creatures and so on. It has a dark, powerful, horrendous, energetic and thrilling mood. So, have fun and make cool video projects! 2 version