Description: Laidback arrangement of pianos, electric guitar, bass, synth and drums suggested to underscore scenes of leisure, relaxation and reflection.

Description: This is a fresh, soft, clean, inspiring and motivational track with piano, pad, synth, bass and gentle percussion. Suitable for any project video corporate, advertising, slideshows, and more.

Description: This is an emotional and beautiful piece of music. The piano plays a nice arpeggio and the guitar a sentimental melody. The guitar melody was recorded in one piece for a human feeling.

Description: Positive, commercial advertising Soft Smooth Rolling Opening Mysterious Logo Intro with chill sound and mystical mood, which include soft pads, synths, fx, etc…This mysterious strange track can be used as a music background for websites, youtube presentation promo video, etc…advertising, background, beginning, business, mysterious, mystical, flash, game, ident, intro, intro music, logo, music, opener, opening, presentation, product, rising, romantic, short, smooth, soft, tender, video, website, melancholic, dreamy, eerie, elegant, quiet, peaceful, nature, mellow, meditative, magical, hypnotic, relaxed, searching, sensual, soothing, strange, tranquil, calm, reflective, uplifting, video game, slow, mystery, mystic, futuristic, medium tempo

Description: Flowing and emotional, featuring solo piano that creates a melancholy, reflective mood. It's the story of the chrysalis in which the first part is uncertain and suffering, then, in the second part, the butterfly can flyes symbolized by the main theme.

Description: This is an short, elegant, light musical theme that awakens good emotions, peace and tranquility. In this composition, you will hear the transparent arpeggio of acoustic guitars, airy, light solos, acoustic bass combined with modern ambient grooves and flying strings. Perfect for: tv, commercials, corporate projects, radio, fashion videos, sound illustrations, presentations, promotions, youtube videos, films, party promos, photo slideshows, nature, spiritual, family movies, wedding videos.

Description: Track named "Alone" picturing with music feelings of loneliness. Many layers with diffent melody lines and stable harmony progression. Solace guitar and piano together with drum and bass line gives a lead melody line space to make story and feelings described in headline.

Description: Nice audio track with a feeling like laying on the ground and watching high forest branches on the wind. Bassoons brings that emotional but strong melody and after "waking up" enters classical and el. piano sound together with string orchestra. Drum beat gives a beginning of movements.

Description: Very emotional audio track with calm and soft sound colouring. Strings, acoustic guitars and drums gives a great canvas to the female voices singing on vocals without lyrics. Human voice as instrument. Beautiful track for various purposes; background videos or landscape accompaniment.

Description: An inspiring and peaceful track featuring soft, ambient pad. Perfect choice for romantic videos, documentary series, inspirational projects, photo slideshows and more…