Description: This is a corporate progression, ambient track useful for busienss branding and events, presentations, sports, inspirational and motivational movies, challenges, new beginnings, meditation and clarity of mind. Promotions, trailers, and app ad voiceovers. Very soothing track with a calm mood for any project.

Description: Sad Ambient - is a soft and umelancholic soundtrack at a slow pace with airy and electronic sounds and also with the use of piano. In this music there are a lot of deep emotions and experience, and also there is a light sadness. Good dream, motivation and pure inspiration, let it always be in your projects.

Description: Dreamy and Nostalgic track for art, technology, short film, documentary, science fiction, video games, cinematic, You Tube video and Dreamy video projects! Include futuristic sounds, retro synths, drum machine, hovering pads, glitch, bit crusher , arp, sounds effects and smooth lead..

Description: An Ambient & Dreamy Relaxed track which is chill & meditative. This music is a perfect choice to Yoga videos , meditation, contemplative videos, documentaries, nature videos and Soundtracks for creative. This Track is composed with hovering pads & lead, percussions, drums and sounds effects.

Description: Upbeat, happy, romantic and uplifting track. Perfect for background music for any type of intro, logo, travel, commercial, films, soundtrack, documentaries.

Description: This audio track is a presenting feelings of keep going on the right way. Primary melody line doing that at the beginning and later contrasubject melody line together with slow beat in drums keeps colouring that canvas. Great track for various purposes such as background videos or similar

Description: This song features a beautiful soundscape for meditation and corporate presentations. It features pop sounds, such as guitars and strings. Very happy sound for any presentation. No drum beat, background only.

Description: A beautiful and haunting instrumental track featuring ethereal slide guitar, melodic syncopated bass, and lush string and guitar pads.

Description: This is a a slow and uplifting, motivational corporate piano track with very deep lush textures, some samples and a chill mood. Perfect for all kind of media (business presentations, advertising, sports…), background for the weather channel or meditation music.

Description: Motivational Inspiring Ambient Positive, inspiring and motivating composition in the modern style of ambient background music for corporate video. A balanced and powerful mix, melodic synth part, electric guitars, drums, piano and atmospheric sound effects. This track will be an excellent addition to your video project. Well suited for advertising, presentation, slideshow and much more.

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