Description: Underlying this relaxing and mellow sound is a nice groove that can play on without becoming monotonous. Several of the instruments, like the various piano timbres, provide the centered and light feeling. Any production involving beauty and illumination w.

Description: This flowing track celebrates the changes in life. The music moves elegantly through the four chord changes, supported by the piano. The strings and organ parts contribute to the fluidity of the sound. Use this tune in productions that wish to transmit a.

Description: This jazzy and playful tune is overflowing with a sense of satisfaction and joy. The rhythmic horns along with the drums provide energy while the organ melody adds lightheartedness to the music. The bluesy feel is mainly a result of the instrumentation.

Description: This tune is warm and flowing and shines with brilliant and colorful guitar and piano sounds. It is the type of music that causes one to reflect with a secret smile on some treasured memory. The feeling goes past sentimentality to a very satisfying and fr.

Description: The definite sensual and sophisticated mood created in this sound is due largely to the silky strings and the ever-present drum beat. Elements appear at different corners on the sound stage, each contributing a part to form the tapestry of sound. Use this.

Description: Bordering on tragedy, this music recalls a story of human delimma and resignation through painful memories. The piano, as the central instrument, seems to be weeping and pleading with some greater power as it descends down the scale. The music also has el.

Description: The rhythms and timbres provide this SoundSet with a jazzy, laidback feel. The sound induces the listener to daydream. For this reason, this tune can run in the background of a production without getting too monotonous. The various elements come in and ou.

Description: This jazzy tune is marked by the distinctive organ melody. It makes heavy use of keyboards. A laidback and aloof mood pervades the sound and is accented through the piano solo in the middle section. The overall effect is neutral, making it an idea candida.

Description: This rhythmic and laidback tune wanders into the corridors of the mind to find memories colored with an array of emotions. The timbre of the guitar has an Eastern flavor and is a nice contrast to the more sensual saxophone melody, which is built of variou.

Description: This jazzy tune has a calming effect. It is composed of two sections, the first of which has a dreamy feel created by the bells and electric piano. The second section retains that tranquility and is carried by the jazzy piano along with the ethereal strin.