Description: 15 seconds of solo piano playing simple melody, resolving to fade of final notes. Suggested for romantic, nostalgic or intimate scenes

Description: Distant memories, lost loves, what might have been. This slow and thoughtful underscore is perfect for documentary and reality tv, where human emotion is involved. Main mix, Atmos mix, 30sec and loop versions.

Description: Wonderous, soaring, soundscape of the natural world. Features South American pan pipes, fluttering breath pipe effects and acoustic guitar. Main mix, plus 30 and 10 sec versions

Description: Indigenous flute creating bird like effects and bends.

Description: Gentle and inviting, rolling light theme. Ideal for travelogue, sales voiceover, shopping channels or On Hold. Main mix, underscore, and 60, 40, 30 and 10 sec cuts

Description: Fresh, sparkling and crisp new landscape, after a fall of snow. Icicles glistening in the watery sunshine. Main mix, atmos mix, 40 and 30 sec versions.

Description: Haunting and ethereal keyboards and percussive sounds create a sense of suspense in this chilling, atmospheric track.

Description: Haunting and ethereal keyboards and bells create a sense of mystery in this atmospheric track.

Description: Vast, unsettling, evolving, anxious atmospheric drone. Works well for documentary, drama, horror, sinister past to futuristic sci-fi. Main mix & 30sec versions