Description: This solo acoustic guitar is very melodic.

Description: Relaxing ambient for various projects.

Description: 'Uplifting & Emotional' is a very positive, emotional and uplifting royalty free background music track. The track is all about reaching the climax. A positive arpeggiated piano is the core of this track, but it evolves with other instruments like drums, bass, electric guitars, and synths.

Description: Melodic percussion and ambient pads weave an emotional texture for a moments soul searching. Perfect for cinematic underscore, scenes of natural beauty or travel, has many advertising uses and has a very relaxing vibe

Description: Electric piano arpeggio with ethnic violin

Description: Pensive,slow moving atmopshere.

Description: Relaxing ambient for various projects.

Description: Breathy harmonics lead into a cloudlike soundscape with synth pad swells, percolating textures and sparse acoustic guitar lines. Piano joins in for the chorus with a continued transparent feel. Light, atmospheric and nostalgic feeling. Version - No Piano, No Glockenspiel, No Lapsteel 30 Second