Description: inspiring, confident and motivating instrumental composition that delivers the vision with passion, determination and enthusiasm.

Description: ambient music with chinese style piano playing. used in various paranormal promotions at other stuff.

Description: Relaxing and cheerful chill house music with orient tunes of sitar, flute and bells. Good background for any projects with dreamy mood and ethnic notes.

Description: drop into the coolest lounge around. check out the vibe. ya feel?.

Description: This moody track features keyboard piano, bells, bass, and lead sounds. The song is in a minor key, is somber yet hopeful, and would work well for a movie scene evoking longing, nostalgia, or loss.

Description: Beautiful ambient piano dubstep chillout track very organic, with cello, violas, fx, dubstep drums, filtered pianos and reversed synths. Very melodic, yet quite futuristic, works very well in websites backgrounds, after fx projects, movies, documentaries and of course listening.

Description: Solo acoustic classical guitar this track mixes sorrow with hope..

Description: This is a positive ambient electronic track with orchestral elements featuring electric guitar and piano, synth leads and atmospheric pads, catchy drums, bass and amazing orchestral strings. Great for various projects.