Description: vangelis-type synth track. hypnotic bass line with a piano lead.

Description: piano melody and a morphing synth combine in this track.

Description: piano, strings, relaxing forest sounds like water and thunder.

Description: island inspired, dreamy, lazy guitar bed, with a slide guitar melody. images of the caribbean, travel, boating, relaxing and lounging on the beach.

Description: piano and the ocean slowly float with the sun gently glowing.

Description: exquisite ambient elecronic compostion with violins and piano.

Description: A short ambient track, great for relaxing, chilling, or even a space related soundtrack for all media.

Description: soundscape of warm synthesizer sounds.

Description: a gentle, laidback hand-drum groove.

Description: feelgood track opening with a warm electric piano pulse and continues into an understated, relaxing drum groove with gentle bells and a soft bass line.