Description: 'Uplifting & Emotional' is a very positive, emotional and uplifting royalty free background music track. The track is all about reaching the climax. A positive arpeggiated piano is the core of this track, but it evolves with other instruments like drums, bass, electric guitars, and synths.

Description: This dark and dramatic inspired soundscape combines an ominous presence with an essence of danger and mystery. The haunting pads and bass combine to make a modern droning underscore that fits perfect with psi fi, horror, drama, film, television, video game, and much more.

Description: A soft positive lounge loop with beautiful piano chords and light jazzy piano theme together with expressive bass and rhythmic drums. The melody can be used as a background in relax places as well as in business projects, video, website.

Description: Feel and hear, ambient ritual, is part of my invention ritualistic and spiritual, bass and guitar are the atmosphere and make all this work, spiritual magic .i pads are pads world and ancient ethnic ... reminds ancient peoples Mayan, Aztec and ancestral and tribal sounds good trip ...

Description: Darkness opens into insistant rhythm pattern, but stays dark.

Description: Please enjoy the relaxation and warm textures, Tibet transcendental meditation bells, singing bowl, spiritual choir, wind chimes, and dynamic metaphysical feelings. This piece has a meditative airy space with calming serene gentle lows and dynamic uplifting spirited highs that give psychological renewal and a calm inner peace. This ambient music sound scape is a great companion for positive thinking, voice overs, poetry, meditation, reiki, yoga, or spa therapy.

Description: Mysterious and strange, ominous dark space landscape or futuristic moods and scenes. Travel in space or Walking in dark rusty sewers with toxic waste in Fallout scene. Think: Fallout, Bladerunner, Star Wars, Terminator. Great for background in video games or films with future scenery, ship wrecks, aliens, space travels. Star Wars feeling. Variants: 4 Min Loop / 1 Min Loop

Description: This is a pleasant dream, chords are meant to relax, so go to your happy place.

Description: An ambient spacy track with a feeling of mindful enlightenment.

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