Description: 10:00 min of a meditative composition with a new age and holistic sound. Dramatic, dreamy and spacious. Suitable for meditations, astral journeys, out of body experiences and quiet contemplations, Relaxing, Studying, Chilling, Revising, Meditation, Sleep Aid & Yoga. Hypnotic with a strange sense of awareness and knowing. A sense of floating in space or losing yourself, drifting.

Description: A sense of longing and hope is provided by warm and subtle pianos. This track is thought provoking and mellow. Dreamy emotions are conjured up by soft electric guitar rhythms than float over the soft pianos and drums. A perfect back drop for an emotive presentation or advertisement.

Description: Dark ambient textures, similar to Vangelis.

Description: Ambient cosmic soundscape made especially for videos and games with cosmic thematics. Also it will be perfect as a background for sci-fi films. If you need to free customization of track, please feel free to contact me via profile page.

Description: Powerful and melodic ambient chillstep track, with lots of surreal synths and pads, pianos and acoustic guitars, rhodes and distorted violins, glitch percussions and distorted drums.

Description: Please enjoy the relaxation and spiritual renewal of a warm ambient string texture and simple slow melodic synthesized indian flute movement, swells, distant heart beating bass drum, and meditation bells. This piece has a meditative airy space and calming serene gentle feel and gives psycological renewal and calm inner peace.

Description: Sit back and get ready for the journey. Welcome to another world full of mysteries and unknown things.

Description: Quiet, moody, electric, guitar, stark, noir, introverted, thoughtful, slow, expressive, legato, pensive, emotional, smooth, flowing, introspective, lonely,

Description: A high tech electronic track with deep atmosphere. Especially suitable for 3D video productions and fast paced tech and corporate presentations and montages.

Description: Ultra-laid back elecric piano vibe with ethic flourishes. Evokes holiday atmoshere – perhaps with a touch of eastern flavour. Wave-like percussive washes add to relaxed feel.