Description: Music exploratory, ambient and mysterious electro-acustica.Good for landscapes rarefied

Description: This is my new, beautiful, melodious pop ambient chill track about our fleeting life with tender piano and acoustic guitar solo, somnolent drums and fx. This track can be used anywhere – in games and movies, documentary scientific films, presentation, telecasts, about nature, space, as a music, background for websites etc…

Description: Corporate track, in the style of light rock, which brings positive feelings of hope and joy. Good background for business projects, commercial ads videos and flash.

Description: Acoustic music with strings good for background

Description: Vegas Beauty begins with a haunting intro escalating into a swagger of drum beats and a background of slow keyboard and jazz guitar.

Description: Soft Piano and light Drums mixed with Acoustic and Electric Guitars give this piece an almost psychedelic, and alternative flare

Description: Sliding and percussive Strings provide this song with both a sly and driving feel.

Description: Beautiful Violins over an Acoustic Guitar arpeggio set over other Strings give this song a contemplative texture

Description: Full rich ambient Orchestra with soothing Female Vocals.

Description: Synth FX, Pad, and lead, the song has a fantasy, dream feel created by a Harp-like sound.