Description: Meditative piece for your projects or just listening and relaxation.

Description: Meditative healing piece in ambient style. Good for background, relaxation, meditation.

Description: Minimalistic ambient style piece for background, websites, presentations or anywhere you need pulsating monotonic ambient sounding.

Description: Electric piano piece for relax and listening. Can be used as background to any kind of project.

Description: This is the fourth version of very intensive meditation session based on constantly changing panning of electronic ambient pads. There are 3 pad lines that develops as a canon, each with different left/right channels instability. Works best with phones because then brain is using left/right signals. Just lay down, relax, think about something possitive and then healing process starts!

Description: Relaxing nostalgic piano piece based on amazingly peaceful harmony. Good for movies, commercials, promotions, or as calming background / intro.

Description: Meditative ambient piece for background, projects… Based on pads with some harmony lines and effects.

Description: Ambiet style piece, good for meditation, relax, background.

Description: Ambient style piece. Good for background, projects, visualisations, presentations and so on…

Description: Atmospheric piano piece. It can work great as calming intro or background.

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