Description: Reflective theme with ethnic elements and soft flute in the background.

Description: An ambient instrumental hypnotic bed with an aquatic feel

Description: Orchestral Classical Spot Medium Up-tempo Quick Fast Romantic Human Positive Building Confident Strong Strength Elegant Elegance Humorous Funny Passionate Horns French horn Strings Percussion Timpani Cymbal Orchestra Action Interlude Background Passion Romance Travelling Moving Industry Advertizing Business Period.

Description: Ambient electric guitar composition for your projects.

Description: A mysterious combination of flute and background synthesizers which blend together with acoustic guitar to create a calm gentle atmosphere offering a slightly tranquil edge.

Description: solo acoustic guitar.

Description: Dark and frightening open into positive theme.

Description: Warm, hometown feeling with woodwinds and orchestra.

Description: Orchestral, Cinema, Documentary, Drama, Drama-Danger, Drama-Epic, Drama-Fantasy, Drama-Suspense, Dramatic, Serious, Alienating, Alluring, Ambient, Anticipation, Cold, Introspective, Reflective, Pensive, Dreary, Elongated, Expressive, Flowing, Sad, Retrospective, Patriotic, Passionate, Panoramic, Melodrama, in a Mysterious, Emotional, Reflective, Powerful mood, featuring Orchestra, Woodwinds, Trumpet, Tuba, with a Mid, Slow tempo

Description: slow evolving placid electronic composition. lush pad is followed by a simple high pitched bell melody. a distant percussion rolls with much echo.