Description: A soft positive lounge loop with beautiful piano chords and light jazzy piano theme together with expressive bass and rhythmic drums. The melody can be used as a background in relax places as well as in business projects, video, website.

Description: ambient soundscape with slowly developing electronic sounds, some sustained some bouncing across the stereo mix.

Description: Soft and gentle ambient voice is perfect for background sound. Use in your creative projects. Tempo - 120bpm.

Description: beautiful ambient soundscape track rich in synth, strings, choir and horns. exactly 60 seconds.

Description: Gentle, atmospheric piano based background piece, with hypnotic harp phrases suggesting calm waterside ambience.

Description: island inspired, dreamy, lazy guitar bed, with a slide guitar melody. images of the caribbean, travel, boating, relaxing and lounging on the beach.

Description: female vocal with ambient electronic.

Description: light, finger-picked acoustic accompaniment with a plucked solo guitar. very nice and relaxing piece.

Description: jazz, ambient, solo, guitar, acoustic, summer, leisurely, happy, folk.

Description: Exotic atmosphere and aromas of Japan in this track quiet and relaxing. Perfect background for answering machines, in waiting rooms, in oriental restaurants. If you like, go to full track "Pagodas" in my portfolio. Thank you!

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