Description: Big, glitzy orchestra theme in overblown Hollywood fashon.

Description: One minute background bed suitable for advertising where there is a strong global element featuring a question and answer motif with classical piano and swaying synth creates spacious sweeping atmosphere.

Description: Warm and endearing piano and strings.

Description: A peaceful theme consisting of piano and flute. This track loops seamlessly.

Description: Hard, Orchestral Drama Industrial Spot FX Heavy Moderate Medium Up-tempo Positive Determined Resolute Confident Strong Strength Proud Serious Sober Concerned Intense Dark Synthesizer Brass French horn Strings Percussion Timpani Orchestra Action Suspense Tension Background War Militarism Night Travelling Moving Industry Politics Elections Television TV Radio Movies Advertizing Films.

Description: Fast, Rock Electronic Industrial Spot Quick Fast Up-tempo Friendly Positive Building Determined Strong Strength Synthesizer Drums Bass Brass Strings Action Background Travelling Moving Contemporary Modern Industry Television TV Advertizing Sports Business.

Description: Soothe your place as you think of an answer to the question that will change your life.

Description: Happy atmospheric piano piece. It can work great as calming intro or background. Good for movies, commercials, promotions, theatre, dance projects.

Description: Very fast acoustic guitar solo. Melodic and peaceful.