Description: Warm and gentle piano and orchestra portrait.

Description: This sound can be associated with the first rays of morning light. It evokes renewal and rebirth and perhaps an awakening from a dream. The Clarinet melody and the strings are serene as they float atop the activity in the piano and guitar.

Description: This music evokes ancient spirits of wisdom from Biblical times and depicts perhaps the fate of a man betrayed by a kiss. The percussion is the driving force here and the small intervals in the strings and violin provide the Middle Eastern flavor.

Description: Warm and thoughtful spot with piano and strings.

Description: Hard, Spot Strength Medium Fast.

Description: Ambient track with slight melodic elements.

Description: High Energy, Access Hollywood, Ambient Dance, Dance, Nightclub, Party, Dark, Moving, Strong, Powerful, Mysterious, Energetic, Drone

Description: Light industrial spot with modern instruments and an upbeat feeling.

Description: Grand and spacious orchestral theme.

Description: Light and warm, hometown people spot with piano and orchestra.