Description: Darkness opens into insistant rhythm pattern, but stays dark.

Description: This hopeful and positive logo features bells and glockenspiel grooves with warm trance bass. Suitable for logo ident and stinger video productions and intros.

Description: ambient space vibe.

Description: Comic, 1950s television style orchestral cartoon.

Description: Two General, Pop Industrial Logo Transition FX Moderate Medium Friendly Human Happy Happiness Positive Piano Drums Bass Transition Morning Travelling Moving Contemporary Modern Television TV Radio.

Description: Warm and comfortable solo piano.

Description: Gentle and warm piano and orchestra, spot.

Description: Ancient in spirit, this tune rises slowly from the primordial mist and dances in rhythmic motion on sacred ground. The sound is melancholic but yet contains a powerful, sensual, and eternal force. This music would go well with themes of human devastation,.