Description: Jazzy and electronic elements can be found in this tune. The silky piano phrases color the sound. There are two contrasting piano phrases atop an energetic beat. Use this tune in productions that highlight subtlety, modernism and sophistication.

Description: This tune gets its energy from the bubbling piano underneath the other elements. The effect is that of disarray and anxiety created largely by the bubbling piano and the half step motion in the strings. The end of the piece trails off with the piano still.

Description: The various timbres in this piece provide the unique electro-pop atmosphere and evoke a story of danger and intrigue. The piece at first seems to move at a fast pace but once the second drum set enters, the beat becomes heavy and grounded and moves at hal.

Description: This sound conjures up a foggy winter day with obscure figures passing through a veil of mist. The piano provides an ethereal, almost jazzy feel to the sound while the synth gives it a mysterious flavor. The drums add a bit of sensuality to the tune. Use.

Description: This music evokes a sense of motion, reminiscence and uncertainty. The sustained sound has a hollow quality about it that contributes to the mood of the music. The overall effect of the sound is that of navigating through uncharted territory, perfect for.

Description: A variety of ethereal sounds combine to create this moody, sensual music. The overall feel is that of apprehension and uncertainty; however the strong and grounding beat from the drums provide a sense of motion forward into the unknown. Use this in produc.

Description: This strange tune has a psychological impact on the listener, largely due to some dissonance found in the piano and strings. There is also an underlying beat, like that of a heartbeat that gives the music its meditative quality. The overall impact is that.

Description: This blend of electronic and classical elements creates an eerie atmosphere. The agitated strings add energy and a feeling of loss of control while the drums provide a driving effect. The music would work well with a horror theme or with a surreal, comica.

Description: This music describes an introspective or meditative state of mind of one who is in solitude, before going to meet his or her fate. There is profound element of transcendence to this music, of floating above the troubles of the world, largely attributed to.

Description: This strange tune begins with a percussive riff that sounds as if something metallic is being hammered on an anvil. The bass enters like a clumsy bear squarely on the beat when finally the remaining elements conjoin to create a surreal mood that seems to.