Description: Are you looking for the perfect production music for a space or fantasy documentary? Listen to the series of Touch the Sky and experience the sound of wide open spaces and a calm and endless feeling. This music creates an atmosphere of deep relaxation and is suitable for meditation projects.

Description: Cinema, Documentary, Ethnic, Ethnic-Africa, Synchopated, Staccato, Percussive, Adventure, Beautiful, Carefree, Wordly, Traveling, Peaceful, Pastoral, Panoramic, Nature, Light, in a Exciting, Adventurous mood, featuring Percussion, Drums, Shaker, Marimba, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: soundscape of warm synthesizer sounds.

Description: Background Music For car commercial, sense of Power, Safety and Luxury

Description: 3 Sulings (Bamboo flutes)+Indonesian whistle, peaceful and relaxing, exotic, Asian.

Description: Gentle and soft string/harp theme with definite sunshine/sunrise vibes and ocean sounds

Description: Light, positive, on-going scientific theme. Warm and beautiful with a hint of concern. Features fluid gentle electronic pulse rhythms with swelling voices and orchestral string section. Ideal for hi-tech, science, medical, documentary. Main mix, underscore, string mix and 30sec versions

Description: Underwater beautiful Coral Farm, reef, plants, fish. Ideal for documentary, TV, cartoon, science, web. Wild underwater world. Transparent water .

Description: island inspired, dreamy, lazy guitar bed, with a slide guitar melody. images of the caribbean, travel, boating, relaxing and lounging on the beach.

Description: exquisite ambient elecronic compostion with violins and piano.