Description: Threatening and ominous dark space landscape or futuristic moods and scenes. Travel in space or Walking in dark rusty sewers with toxic waste in Fallout scene. Think: Fallout, Bladerunner, Star Wars, Terminator. Great for background in video games or films with future scenery, ship wrecks, aliens, space travels. Star Wars feeling.

Description: Bass drone, cymbals, gongs and shimmering arpeggiated sounds _ Works well with unsettling, eerie scenes.

Description: Magical and dreamy vibe

Description: A mysterious opening emerges out of the fog and casts its uncertain shadow in your mind. This is a great opening theme for a classical murder mystery / drama / triller .

Description: Creepy ambient piece - great for sc fi, horror, mystery scenes.

Description: Very mysterious, ambient piece with haunting synth pads and effects.

Description: Mellow ambient electronic track with subtle atmospheric synths, acoustic guitar, light percussion, sfx and pads.

Description: Spacious ambient piece with sweeping synth pads, light percussion and effects.

Description: Simple, open ambient track with atmospheric synths, pads and effects. Dreamy and spacious...

Description: Ambient piece with spacious synths and SFX