Description: Background Music For car commercial, sense of Power, Safety and Luxury

Description: Gentle and soft string/harp theme with definite sunshine/sunrise vibes and ocean sounds

Description: Underwater beautiful Coral Farm, reef, plants, fish. Ideal for documentary, TV, cartoon, science, web. Wild underwater world. Transparent water .

Description: island inspired, dreamy, lazy guitar bed, with a slide guitar melody. images of the caribbean, travel, boating, relaxing and lounging on the beach.

Description: Isolation and at the mercy of the sea.

Description: Orchestral, Cinema, Country-Big Country, Documentary, Drama, Drama-Adventure, Drama-Epic, Drama-Fantasy, Americana-Orchestral, Americana, Adventure, Atmospheric, Beautiful, Big, Bold, Brilliant, Broad, Building, Dramatic, Epic, Expressive, Fantastic, Uplifting, Proud, Prestigious, Positive, Panoramic, Majestic, Magical, in a Confident, Emotional, Exciting, Majestic, Powerful mood, featuring Percussion, Brass, French Horn, Violin, Trumpet, Orchestra, with a Fast, Mid tempo

Description: Natural instruments such as koto plus synth washes create spacious atmosphere which combines crisp additional effects to generate futuristic, delicate track with a slight oriental sense. Very useful for corporate and backing music purposes.

Description: exotic, sensuous epic techno mix. very good for underwater sequences and oceanic vistas.