Description: a sweeping sequence runs through with a vangelis-type melody and drums far back in the mix.

Description: vangelis-type synth track. hypnotic bass line with a piano lead.

Description: serene minimal ambience.

Description: meditative, dark, emotional instrumental song with a climactic major part, narrative, evocative, ambient, violin, orchestra, beats, ambient sounds, synth, flutes.

Description: bad feeling is an experimental abstract soundscape with a swooshing, thumping rhythm, organic acoustic guitar elements and a swirling bassline.

Description: Mellow drum beat with mysterious spacious synths. Great for mystery, sci fi scene. Very ambient and atmospheric.

Description: Spacious, open track with cool, laid-back drum groove, flowing synths and acoustic guitars.

Description: Mellow electronic track with solid groove, spooky SFX and catchy, quirky synths. Suitable for mystery scene.

Description: Spacious, ambient, sweeping synths and spooky sound effects create this mysterious track. Great for sci fi or mystery scene.

Description: Mysterious track with flowing guitar and strings over solid drum beat. Very atmospheric.

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