Description: Slow and touching solo piano plays a descending melody.

Description: An atmospheric emotional synth track. Great for trailer, commercial, documentaries and movies.

Description: Soft echoing flute plays in the distance which combines with soft piano and synth effects to create a peaceful relaxing ambient track designed to create a sense of relaxation and peace. Very useful for quiet, calm or relaxing background music scenes or health, beauty and massage therapy.

Description: ambient/chillout track with a selection of acoustic and electronic elements. a cool vibe.

Description: A floating, thoughtful, gentle piece for piano and flute, evoking distant memories or a misty landscape

Description: Dreamy piano with string section and background voices

Description: Exotic atmosphere and aromas of Japan in this track quiet and relaxing. Perfect background for answering machines, in waiting rooms, in oriental restaurants. If you like, go to full track "Pagodas" in my portfolio. Thank you!

Description: This song has a driving, positive, heroic feel, with a feeling of accomplishment or achievement.