Description: Beautiful melodic progressive electronic track, bright, positive and sparkly. Lots of glittery synths, lush pads, cutting edge fx and even a mandolin make this track a must have for a videographer's collection since works magic in various projects, dance floors and listening. Have a listen to my portfolio for more tracks like this one. Enjoy and please rate it if you like it. Cheers

Description: A happy piano solo theme that loops seamlessly. This track is suitable for commercials, videos, film and television productions.

Description: The sun lies low across a serene peaceful desert. A sense of rejuvenation dominates the air in this piece, which features the organic sounds of pan flute, harmonica and acoustic guitar backed by warm percussion.

Description: Uplifting ambient soundscape with hints of Indian melody, full of mystery.

Description: Uplifting driving ambient soundscape groove with world beat

Description: vangelis-type synth track. hypnotic bass line with a piano lead.

Description: Errie and spaceous soundscape. Ideal for horror/suspense film.

Description: Sensual, sophisticated ambient electronic track with cool organ, acoustic guitar, synth pads and modern groove.

Description: Ambient electronic track with an deep, mysterious feel.

Description: This relaxing futuristic stylish melody reflects and involves in the world of warm dreams, reminiscences, nostalgia, its good for audio & visual projects, TV, wireless, movie, background for restaurant, commercials, biennale, fashion shows,spa, home events, presentations and just for pleasure