Description: Synths and piano, similar to Vangelis

Description: Beautiful, calm and relaxing background music for meditation, yoga exercises. It is designed with synth sounds and effects create atmospheric, spacey, dreamy vibe. It is also a beautiful ambient background for documentary, scientific video, film devoted to nature, planet, life.

Description: This track is suitable for horror films or video games. This song is full of cold and mystery.

Description: A soft positive lounge loop with beautiful piano chords and light jazzy piano theme together with expressive bass and rhythmic drums. The melody can be used as a background in relax places as well as in business projects, video, website.

Description: Feel and hear, ambient ritual, is part of my invention ritualistic and spiritual, bass and guitar are the atmosphere and make all this work, spiritual magic .i pads are pads world and ancient ethnic ... reminds ancient peoples Mayan, Aztec and ancestral and tribal sounds good trip ...

Description: Lie back and relax as you listen to the sound of soothing, soul cleansing music. Then, let your troubles slip away and fall into a deep sense of spiritual awakening. This track is perfect for meditation or reflection, in your workplace or media projects. Enjoy!

Description: Darkness opens into insistant rhythm pattern, but stays dark.

Description: Has a Old West taste to it. Very atmospheric and perfect for an underscore.

Description: cinematic ambient track. tension music. great for movie, film, tension video, background music, etc.

Description: Energetic composition in the style of progressive house with a great soft bass and piano! Perfect solution for the club, travel, advertising, fashion