Description: melancholy, sadness, autumn, overcast,

Description: peaceful, relaxed, childlike, gentle, keyboard, electro piano

Description: Sounds like a transition for a nature show. Hand drums and world percussion combine with a drum set.

Description: Mellow and expansive-sounding track built on warm synth pads and guitar chords. Sounds like a desert sunrise.

Description: Soothing and mellow track with a rock drum beat and an adult-contemporary sound.

Description: Echoing guitars and laid-back vibe create a warm-sounding track.

Description: Emotional piano loop with a fun synth arpeggiator, good for celebration or a happy moment

Description: Ambient looped music, uplifting for web music, flash intro, animation and web design.

Description: Has a Old West taste to it. Very atmospheric and perfect for an underscore.

Description: Imagine dying and going up to heaven in a cinematic, beautiful way.