Description: Inspirational and Positive pop track with uplifting piano harmonies and upbeat drums that will inspire and motivate the listener. Great for commercials, TV, promos, presentations and much more. Music that evokes the feeling of Success and Freedom.

Description: Comic, 1950s television style orchestral cartoon.

Description: Soothing and stimulating at the same time.Relaxing electric violins, moog and piano instrumentals. Ambient electro, chill, melodic, beautiful acoustic music. Beach vacation sounds, relaxing, peaceful, joyful holiday, thoughtful, dreamy, atmospheric, upbeat, happy.

Description: A smooth instrumental track with guitar and piano, providing an elegant and positive mood for your next project.

Description: It's easier than you think. A triumphant, hopeful, instrumental, ambient track recorded on guitar only. Perfect for your film, tv, web series, or other projects. ambient, ethereal, instrumental, guitar, dreamy, space, hopeful, triumphant, contemplative, gentle

Description: Gentle and warm piano and orchestra, spot.

Description: Irresistible sweet sounding ambient soundscape with beautiful mellow piano rhythms and wavy drum pattern with subtle rotary guitars FX that gives a feel of a kayak afloat in an Ocean.

Description: Field violin with double notes for easy melody

Description: Scientists say that not even light can escape a black hole. Good thing we're here on earth. Recorded on guitars only. A good track to listen and think about life with, or to use in your film and/or tv show to set the mood. Ambient, ethereal, instrumental, jangly, pretty, dreamy, soundtrack, score, motivational, hopeful, triumphant, space, happy, somber, contemplative, atmospheric, reverb, delay, chill, calm, chill

Description: Inspirational ambient piece with piano, cool beat and sweeping synth pads

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