Description: a gentle, laidback hand-drum groove.

Description: Acoustic guitar solowith beautiful melody.

Description: Open your eyes, dawn is coming...

Description: wistful, hopeful, acoustic guitar, violin.

Description: acousitic guitar with orchestral sounds.-very peaceful

Description: Uplifting and Inspiring Corporate - Inspiring and uplifting corporate music track. Perfect for commercial video, advertising, presentations, slideshows, and more.

Description: Warm cinematic nostalgia music! Orchestral strings and piano create a happy but slightly bittersweet and melancholy mood. Use this in scenes of reunited ex-lovers, or returning home after a long time away. Could also work in commercials, Hallmark specials, or for evoking childhood memories.

Description: Spacious ambient track with sparse piano and pads

Description: After some time, suddently one day we said I love you.

Description: Slow, mournful and sad piano and cello underscore. Images of the aftermath of war, death and destruction. Smouldering heaps of rubble, no signs of life, a flattened landscape. Features sparse rhythmic piano, solo cello and sordino strings. Perfect for documentary, drama, news TV and history. Main, 60sec and 30sec versions