Description: happy, joyful, nostalgic, free, healing, playful.

Description: Very fast acoustic guitar solo. Melodic and peaceful.

Description: Guitar duet breathes magical moments, loving and reflective

Description: Gentle and positive logo that features acoustic guitar and synth pad. Suitable for commercials, ads, promos, marketing, branding, intros, outros, podcasts, web page music, children related contents and any other projects in need of smooth and dreamy background music.

Description: a peace-filled feeling embosses a passionate 4+2 hand drum groove. sparse vocals elucidate native incantation .

Description: Fast paced acoustic guitar solo with classical guitar like melodies. Free Music and Stock Music for Creative Audio Visual Projects Including YouTube, TV, Film, PowerPoint, Flash, and All Media.

Description: light, finger-picked acoustic accompaniment with a plucked solo guitar. very nice and relaxing piece.

Description: a gentle, laidback hand-drum groove.

Description: Acoustic guitar solowith beautiful melody.

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