Description: Flowing Alternative Rock track with solid beat and edgy, raw, catchy guitars.

Description: An uplifting Indie track with a driving beat. Creates a cool feeling with dynamic changes. indie, pop, rock, advertisement, corporate, commercials, presentation, promotion, Modern, Contemporary, motivating, Motivational, Uplifting, Hopeful, optimistic, positive, successful, uplifting, inspiring, inspirational, Confident, achievement, rhythmic, bright, light, plain, cool, easy, energetic, powerful, driving

Description: 1960s style instrumental garage rock.

Description: Optimistic and energetic uplifting pop rock with positive mood.Useful for successful corporate visuals.

Description: 1960s style instrumental garage rock.

Description: A upbeat pop punk piece with driving distorted guitars

Description: Alternative, Pop, Rock 'n' Roll

Description: fast action sport, electro with a big big beat and heavy guitar riff.

Description: A breath of bracing mountain air courses through this inspirational uplifting ode to the American Rockies. Electric guitars, bass, drums.