Description: powerful syncopated punchy wild fusion suitable for sport and technology.

Description: Sad Rock Guitar dream emo building distorted

Description: raw, edgy hard rock track with male vocals

Description: 1960s style instrumental garage rock.

Description: Climbing Up is an emotive, driving 'four-on-the-floor' indie rock track, featuring strong and expansive guitar melodies and arpeggios, gorgeous backing pads and occasional piano accompaniment. Ideal for use within film/media whereby feelings of emotion and procurement are paramount.

Description: Reminisce back to the 90's when happy and sad music mixed into one, the internet was booming, and long hair was still considered rebelling in this easy going yet driving acoustic alternative rock piece. Think of Hootie and the Blowfish, Collective Soul, and Pearl Jam all mixed together in a funny happy, yet slightly melancholic, jam session and this song is what you get.

Description: This grotesque thing is made in old-hard-rock style, but comical one. Fit for humorous “heroic” scenes of films, performances, circus or reality shows or just for your fun.

Description: Vintage rock blended with alternative rock.

Description: Rock guitar solo with reoccuring theme. Can be played independently, as a loop or linked together with "Alternative Rock Loop Part 1".