Description: Sad Rock Guitar dream emo building distorted

Description: raw, edgy hard rock track with male vocals

Description: 1960s style instrumental garage rock.

Description: Climbing Up is an emotive, driving 'four-on-the-floor' indie rock track, featuring strong and expansive guitar melodies and arpeggios, gorgeous backing pads and occasional piano accompaniment. Ideal for use within film/media whereby feelings of emotion and procurement are paramount.

Description: This grotesque thing is made in old-hard-rock style, but comical one. Fit for humorous “heroic” scenes of films, performances, circus or reality shows or just for your fun.

Description: Vintage rock blended with alternative rock.

Description: Soft Rock instrumental with a light R&B influence featuring acoustic guitar, piano, banjo, bass, and strings. Possible uses can range from songs, commercials, web videos, trailers, etc.

Description: Dark alternative rock with touches of acoustic guitar and violin. Dark & twisted in a Tom Waits/Nick Cave kinda way...

Description: Melodic, dramatic instrumental rock ballad