Description: Inspirational, peaceful and energizing track. A soft and delicate piano intro is followed by a electric guitar and drum explosion. Feel like flying! Coldplay soundalike.

Description: Fun instrumental alternative-grunge-roots-classic rock.

Description: Motivating and energetic rock song. Electric guitars for a feeling of positivity and optimism. A song that will get your project has a special magic, strength and determination to help the public part of your enthusiasm.

Description: This is a very energetic and powerful rock track with a touch of 90’s flavour. Very suitable for videos, presentations, documentaries, and any kind of project. Instruments: Drums, electric guitars, acoustic guitars, bass, piano, synths.

Description: inro driving bass guitar tune with melodic electric guitars.

Description: Alternative rock ident perfect for intros, logos, musical accents and more.

Description: Powerful metal track with cool guitar riffs, powerful drums, reverse effects, solo guitars, pitch effects and guitar solo. Also, there is some guitar arpeggios and feedback effects in the middle of the track that make the sound more creative and atmospheric. Perfect for use in sport (like boxing) videos, advertisements etc. Thanks for listening, rating and purchasing-)

Description: Very groovy modern rock track with solid beat, funky, edgy guitars and flowing bass. Sure to get ya movin!

Description: Mellow indie rock with an old-school roots-reggae beat

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