Description: A bright and rhythmic instrumental action groove track both smooth and sporty as it smartly winds about. Drum beats and percussion are featured along with electric guitar, bass, clavichord and synthesizers. A solid choice for an underscore to your media project, in video, tv, radio, or film.

Description: Big and brash, strong and powerful, this aggressive retro rock track drives deep and keep on rocking. Solid Zeppelin style drumming, full bodied electronic bass, brass section, and cry baby wah electric guitar lead the way. Cool music for athletic media projects, backgrounds, underscore, tv, film.

Description: Upbeat nu jazz chill track with elements of electronica, latin fusion jazz, and mainstream. Hypnotic melodies and wide spacious clubby chord breaks. Nice for high tech uses in commercials or film projects involving space age sci fi themes. Modern dance club scenes background for colorful projects, as well as workout music

Description: Fast driving workout music featuring a full bodied pulsating synthesizer ensemble and powerful trance drum grooves to get you up and moving so you can burn off that flab and get into shape..

Description: Upbeat electronic dance track with a deep house groove, stylish catchy synthesizer melodies, smooth follow, breakdown section, big bass. Has a slight exotic mid eastern flavor. Great for aerobic workout, dance parties, film, tv, radio, productions, club music collections, 1980's, adverts, promotions, Instrumental, Dance, Deep House

Description: Driving, soaring, modern cardio fusion rock track featuring intelligent guitar lead, wicked thumpin and pumpin bass, killer funky drumming and intricately weaving synths forming an intense atmospheric blend of sound that will get you moving.

Description: Exciting stylish upbeat electronic dance number, top hit, featuring powerful synths, super pumping beats and solid chord construction. Superb club feel, strong house beat, great fx, very musical. Excellent underscore for film, tv, radio, video, workout, adverts, night life, club scene, ravers, party

Description: Grandiose and medium upbeat fat bass driven four on the floor dance latin house track. A certain air of mystery is present. A fun combination of lead synth melodies defines two distinct sections; There's a deep intro before the release and into the explosive floor pounding groove. Good for video projects, commercials, tv and working that body.

Description: A fun and cosmic bouncy dance number with a driving steady kick drum pulse beat as the music moves between two distinct sections. Featuring high tech synth and panning effects. Useful track for in store ambience, radio productions, tv, film, work out, corporate introductions voice overs, dance clubs

Description: A heroic, upbeat, and positive, tightly composed, fanfare type track that features a happy brass synth melody, cool analog techno percussion, along with solid electric bass and piano. Morning show type theme, possible kids tv theme, adverts, working out, zumba or cooking show. Various applications for media projects.