Description: Motivated & triumphant Olympic theme great for exercise and sporting events. 60 seconds.

Description: Friday Night mood.Great intro music for any event or presentation.DJ hijacks a funky soul track and takes it on a rocket ride, where a unique combination of driving rhythms, electronic textures and vocals create a aggressive, edgy and modern vibe, which makes for the definitive soundtrack for your projects. Also, and due to its well defined sections, you will find this track very easy to loop and/or edit.

Description: Nice to build a new track or background music

Description: synthesiser, strings, electric organ, drum machine, electric piano, sexy, urban, groovy, seamless looping, fast tempo

Description: A great high energy aerobics and dance track that will help get the body moving and the sweat going. Great 80s style house music with a contemporary feel, smooth chords and funky house style drums.

Description: In your face, hot sexy catwalk fashion with maximum attitude. Upbeat hot hip hop. Main mix, underscore, 60, 30 and 10 sec versions

Description: Energetic, stylish, funky fashion theme with wah guitar, synth bass, organ, steady rhythm and brass punctuations. Ideal for Live fashion shows, awards and presentations. Main mix, 60, 60u/score, 30, 30u/score and 10sec versions.

Description: Hot Summer Pop and Dance Party Royalty Free Music is a cheerful, positive, summer, electro, fashion and dance house track. Explosive groove and rhythms, club style and electro house will make any your project tastier, brighter, more interesting, more attractive and your project will look just great. Ideal for positive presentation, party video or slideshow, hot summer night club video, hot girls video, nightclub presentation, club or events advertising, beach party video and for many others.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Aerobics and Workout

Description: Funky dance music, EDM with funky sound. Available versions: Full track, 1min. and 30sec. edit.

Description: Relaxing, hypnotic latingroove