Description: Perfect workout techno dance track, pumping beat, great synth riff. The perfect companion to a gym, spinning or heavy aerobic session Will also fit sports trailer, advertising and commercial

Description: an electronic track composed for a backing track for any media.

Description: Uplifting a driving beat . A real fun track that will keep the audience engaged. Useful for upbeat, young, trendy, chic content and sales presentations.

Description: the upbeat music make you move (smokin' horn section!) the lyrics make you think healthy, and it feels good!.

Description: This is very funky and groovy track.Can be used at any small production or short video content.

Description: Hard rockin' guitars with sexy beats and synthesizers. Perfect for fashion or dance.

Description: funky groove, breathy vocals, falling horns, crunchy electric guitar, majestic bridge.

Description: Energetic, stylish, funky fashion theme with wah guitar, synth bass, organ, steady rhythm and brass punctuations. Ideal for Live fashion shows, awards and presentations. Main mix, 60, 60u/score, 30, 30u/score and 10sec versions.