Description: Fits for many projects documentary,corporative,movies,web.

Description: synthesiser, strings, electric organ, drum machine, electric piano, sexy, urban, groovy, seamless looping, fast tempo

Description: Modern funny and exciting this track is full of driving energy. Good as a background under cars , sports.

Description: A track with synthesizers and drum machine. It’s progressive electronica, good for thrillers and detective.

Description: Modern,synth based version. Would be ideal for Tv,Show,cartoon,radio or web based advertisement or presentation.

Description: High-quality clear corporate music sounds so alive and well balanced for use in a wide range of goals: TV, Advertising, Corporate projects and presentations.

Description: "Achievement" is a motivational pop rock track with sweet delayed electric guitar, soft pads, strong bass and drums. Special mix for corporate/advertisement projects.

Description: "Beautiful Cinema" is a inspirational piece expressing a lot of light emotions. Soft and sweet piano with intense orchestral strings and choir. Special music for films and advertising, also good for family videos.

Description: "inspiring Symphony" is a very emotional and soulful dramatic composition features soft bells, pianos and expressive orchestral strings. This music will fill any your project with life and soul!

Description: "Secret Knowledge" is an inspiring quiet and deep orchestral piece - exclusive product for films and television, however good for commercial and home videos.