Description: funky electro-house instrumental track with big violin & rock guitar licks, punchy funk bassline and bangin' beats. sounds like: basement jaxx, groove armada

Description: 90's house music perfect for backing in media or for aerobic work outs.

Description: fashion track for excercise, fashion tv.

Description: Chillout to the house tune, perfect for a wind down session after a heavy work-out! Walking pace for slow movement.

Description: an electronic track composed for a backing track for any media.

Description: Specially mixed and EQ.d to allow maximum presence for the instructor. Beginners Cardio.

Description: Jump into the most modern EDM and Scandinavian house dance atmosphere and use it as motivational gym song and background music for your training and workout videos or aerobic sessions

Description: An inspirational song for gym and workout inspired to the most modern Swedish and Scandinavian house sonorities. With cheesy piano chords and a catchy beat, it's the perfect background song for exercise and workout training

Description: The Asoma Workout Intervals 2 is a complete 25 min workout.. From warm up to cardio this will help you burn fat and loose weight. Use the full set 01 Asoma Workout Int2 02 Asoma Workout Int2 03 Asoma Workout Int2 04 Asoma Workout Int2

Description: Pumped up electronica track