Description: Hard rockin' guitars with sexy beats and synthesizers. Perfect for fashion or dance.

Description: Steady, sleazy, four-to-the-floor light rhythmic electronic dance / house track. Features occasional male voice 'Oh yeah' punctuations, electonic drums & hand claps, synths. Great for Adult entertainment, underworld, night clubs etc. Main mix, underscore (without male voice), stripped down mix & 30sec version

Description: Try to keep from tapping your toe to this upbeat exercise focused dance groove. Let the intensity build as this song moves around twists and turns always to something to something new and even more exciting waiting around the corner.

Description: Old school dance song with a positive mood for running, step, aerobics and workout

Description: Easy motivating dance music. Short jerky notes of the piano overlap with the main melody. This music is perfect as for private listening, and for different media projects.

Description: The Genie can grant your three wishes of fun, fitness and friendship.

Description: 90's house music, throwback to the 90's with some music at a pace to keep you working!

Description: Trendy, stylish and funky fashion style underscore. Features steady beats, heavy bass, funky strat guitar and bass male vocal ad libs. Great for catwalk, shopping, contemporary dance and commercials. Main mix, U/score, 60 and 30sec versions.

Description: I lost five pounds composing this warm up - cool down Aerobic workout music.